it's the little things...

Sometimes it's just the small things in life that make everything worthwhile. You don't always need to make things extravagant. But everything takes time and patience, something no one seems to have anymore.
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If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.
Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar (via observando)

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I feel like those stories are all I listen to sometimes. -___-

For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.

So collapse.
This is not your destruction.

This is your birth.

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Time to get a sexy back for sexy exits.

To print, click here.

And thanks to Kim for drawing me so cute!

<3 Cassey

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I have ruined relationships for fear of ruining those relationships.
Neil Hilborn (via bluebrrry)

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there are approximately 1,013,913 words in the english language but i could never string any of them together to explain how much i want to hit you with a chair.

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